Malika Baker, Queen Diva at Couture for You



Welcome to Couture For You!


Thanks for stopping by.


I'm Malika Baker, owner and operator at Couture For You boutique. 


Here's my backstory:


I started in 2016 as just an online shoe store. It's been quite a journey since then, with some high highs and low lows. Despite it all, the local community has shown us tremendous support during that time. In just two short years later, that humble shoe store evolved into a full-fledged brick-and-mortar storefront in the heart of Flint, Michigan. 


If you ask me why Couture For You has been such a hit, I'd probably attribute it to how I treat my customers. While other boutiques have come and gone chasing the latest trends, we've been building relationships with our valued customers by empowering them with statement pieces that make them feel great. Our divas are fierce, bold, and confident women. They're dressed to impress no one else but themselves. Why? Because they know they've got it.


And it's made all the difference.


With over 16,000+ followers on Facebook, I had to create a Facebook group where all of my divas gather and get exclusive perks from my store - discounts, first dibs, live sales, etc. I recommend joining; it's so worth the wait: COUTURE FOR YOU VIP GROUP


Today, Couture For You customers have the luxury of being able to visit our store in person or shop comfortably from their devices online, wherever they are in the world.


Whether you're looking for that killer birthday 'fit, keeping it casual, or need that spicy dress for a night out with your divas, Couture For You has something for every occasion, style, and mindset.


I look forward to providing you an ultimate and exciting shopping experience!


With love, 


Malika B.,

The Queen Diva